About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Manifest goals, build joyous relationships, gain confidence and increase your emotional & spiritual quotient.

Our Vision

To create Spiritually Intelligent and Consciously aware society & educating the people about international and scientific methods to become more aware of the body, mind and soul connection.

Our Mission

Empower society by harnessing spirituality, to bring about lasting relationships, financial success, and heightened awareness among individuals.


Divine Vibrations is dedicated to educating the people about international and scientific methods that help them to become more aware of the body, mind and soul connection.

  • We share knowledge to attain higher consciousness and live with awareness.
  • We teach methods to work with universal energies and use them to balance our mind and hence heal our bodies.
  • We emphasise the significance of the human emotions and how we can control them instead of allowing them to control us.
  • We take Corporate seminars for the employees in Balancing life and work, anger and stress management, Good Parenting, Managing relationships and many more.
  • We also take courses in Shamanism, Reiki, Pendulum Dowsing, Tarot card reading, Candle Therapy and Crystal Therapy.
  • Additionally we assist you in manifesting goals, building joyous relationships, gaining confidence and increasing your emotional & spiritual quotient.
  • We conduct group workshops, meditations, Seminars, counselling, coaching and also teach healing modalities.
  • Divine Vibrations, is also dedicated to helping individuals in eliminating stress and dealing with depression, trauma, losses & death.
  • We also take one to one sessions for personal problems.


Workshops and Retreats for Personal and Spiritual growth. Workshop with highly qualified therapists, including both individual and group therapy. Retreats to deepen and enhance the profound inner growth.

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